Recruiting: The three fateful questions!

The dilemma is sometimes quite persistent. On the eve of your job interview, a part of you will constantly ask yourself what questions the recruiter will ask you. In fact, good recruiters will generally ask you three essential questions. Here they are!

Candidates often make the mistake of thinking of job interviews as exams that must be passed. The problem with this approach is that the recruiter doesn't necessarily expect you to answer correctly, but to have the right attitude. Let's face it, your application may have the right skills, but your meeting with the recruiter will still make the difference in the final decision to hire you or not. That's why it's so important to stand out.

1- What will it be like to work with you?

Recruiters want to know YOU. They have already looked at your experience and your diplomas. They will be looking to know if you will be a valuable collaborator, with whom the team will enjoy working. In other words, you will be evaluated primarily on this social criterion. Yes, professional experience is important, but you must already project yourself in the position to show them that you will be the person they are looking for. Therefore, you should not adopt a defensive attitude or simply give general answers.

Project yourself into the future and give the impression that you have a place in the company. For example, if you treat your interviewer like a trusted colleague - smiling, leaning forward, speaking in a friendly manner with energy and enthusiasm, and looking the person in the eye - they should mobilize the same communication mechanisms. He or she will then begin to see you as someone who also belongs in the company.

Question 2: Are you capable/willing to learn new skills?

At this stage, recruiters already know you a little better, and have a hunch if you would be a fit for the position or not. However, they want to figure out if you are capable or willing to learn new skills. As things evolve in each job, they will be looking to see if you will be able to keep up with the pace and learn new things fast.

 Chances are, during your interview, you will be questioned about a skill you do not have yet. Many candidates use the analogy of “fake it till you make it”. This is a big faux pas! Be honest that you did not acquire this skill yet but that you are willing to learn.

Some candidates don't dare to do this for fear that it will be perceived as an admission of weakness. However, recruiters want to ensure that potential employees will ask relevant questions, seek additional information, and show initiative in developing their skills. It is often a humbling experience. The goal is to show how you approach the challenges you face.

 Question 3: Do you take initiative?

It's no secret that recruiters are looking for motivated people who can take initiative. In preparing for the interview, you've probably done some research on the company, its area of expertise, its history, and its strengths.

Do not be shy to share what initiatives you plan to take to help the company reach its goals. Let the recruiter know that you can think outside of the box and bring new ideas to the team.

At the very end of the interview, if you feel that it went well, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter what the next steps will be, but also to give you feedback. They will greatly appreciate this leap into the future. It's a way to show them that you're already ready for the first day.

Bonus tip:

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