Surgically ready for the interview!

Dark circles and bags under the eyes, sagging eyelids and puffiness. For some, it's the perfect mix of boo-boos to avoid having on the day of a job interview. To prevent from showing up frazzled or to outright miss their crucial appointment, some do not hesitate to make small alterations. In order to look their best, plastic surgery will save the day!

For some time now, cosmetic surgery has become widely accepted. Once reserved for the privileged few (such as Hollywood stars), it is now more widespread than ever. Indeed, the practice is more and more accessible: we talk about it more freely and its taboos have faded into irrelevancy.

The workplace is no exception this. In addition to striving to look youthful, the clean and professional image has never been more important. Everyone now pays close attention to their appearances to try and portray their best self. Things like dark circles give a disillusioned look, which managers may find uncomfortable while bags under the eyes are also signs of a hectic lifestyle. Candidates do not wish to be perceived as party animals or night owls and want to put their best self forward.

In the effort of staying competitive.

Many believe that it all starts with the desire to boost self-confidence. Yoga instructors, real estate agents, sales representatives, and even lawyers are not strangers to the practice. The unifying thread is a feeling (be it legitimate or not) of wanting to stand out and stay competitive. Individuals working in the contact and representation professions are part of the category of population that often consider cosmetic surgery. For them, it is no secret that, with all else being equal during a job interview, physical appearance will be the deciding factor between different applicants.

Style versus Substance

While some people believe that physical appearance is the key to success or failure in an interview, one should always keep in mind that some surgical procedures can be dangerous, and sometimes even fatal. It is therefore always wise to remember the famous saying that “if the pessimist complains about the wind and the optimist hopes it will stop, the pragmatist adjusts his sails and moves forward.”

And this is what we live by, at Adex. With our Interview Preparation Tips section, you're almost certain to adjust your sails and move forward so that the recruiter only sees your real potential your inner strengths and beauty, and a lot less the superficial stuff, like colors of your shoes.