A Day in The Life

Throughout our live, we’ll spend entire years combined sleeping, eating, complaining, and singing; our lives are filled with the little things that, when put together, take up an incredible amount of time! So, what’s your typical day like? If it’s “eat, sleep, work, repeat”, then time is of the essence!

At the beginning of the day, most of us will have enjoyed our sleep. On average, we spend 26 years of our lives sleeping. That’s a total of 233,600 hours of sleep! Is that time wasted, or time well spent? Everyone’s view on sleep is different!

Then, we need to get ready for work; showering, putting on makeup, and getting dressed. That’s a total of 3,276 hours, a little over 136 days in a woman's life. For men, it is only 46 days. Men, however, will spend 3,000 hours, or 125 days shaving in a lifetime.

Whether by train or subway, we spend 653 hours of our lives waiting for the public transit, or the equivalent of 27 days to get to work!  And work is an important part of our lives indeed! We then spend 99,117 hours at work in our lifetime or a total of 12 years total.

If you use the telephone at work, you better hold on, as you will spend 4 years of your life with the handset to your ear. That is, of course, if you get to speak to your correspondent. Otherwise, know that you will spend 20 days of your life just waiting to speak to the right person. In response to the waiting, you may become frustrated (which is only normal, right?), making you spend an average of 8 minutes per day complaining! And that’s equivalent to 5 months of your life.

By noon, it’s time to eat! We spend 4.3 years feeding ourselves in our lifetime, or 51 consecutive months, 1583 days, or 38,003 hours! For smokers, it’s time for a cigarette. Know that you spend 160 days of your life on a smoke break, or 3840 hours!

Maybe a short walk to digest lunch is necessary, so we might go out to enjoy the sun for 2,170 hours in our lifetime. That’s equivalent to three full months, or 90 days non-stop or 13 weeks. If you feel like having ice cream for dessert, you are almost sure to find a small line in front of the parlor. We spend more than three days a year, or six months of our lives in line!

If these numbers make your head spin, know that we spend an average of 6 minutes a day laughing! That’s 115 days of our lives, not bad for an activity that moves 17 facial muscles.

Once at home, household chores are unavoidable. We spend 46,800 hours of our lives on them! That’s equivalent to 1950 hours, or 5 years! If you decide to do laundry, know that alone will take three years of our lives, or 23,214 hours!

Between those tasks, you might glance at the TV. Sometimes, we just can’t help it. You might spend 4 hours watching your favorite shows, or about 11 years in a lifetime! And this has only worsened since the lockdowns, with daily averages having increased to over 5 hours. If you’re a sports fan and decide to watch the Canadiens or the Montreal Impact, you will spend 795 hours in front of the sports channel, or 33 days. But watching too much TV can also give you a headache and as a result, we will spend 366 days on sick leave in our life.

Night falls and the sooner the painkillers are swallowed, the sooner you will be able to go to sleep and rest. If your headache is of the persistent kind however, you should know that we spend 7 years struggling to sleep, victims of insomnia!

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