Adex Personnel brings you a personalized approach tailored to your needs.

Our approach consists in establishing a strategic research based on a rigorous methodology.


Each recruitment mandate is different and has its own special characteristics. Our human resources consultants always abide by a rigorous methodology regardless of the position to fill, and do so in a manner that fosters outstanding customer service.

Step 1: In-depth understanding of your needs and getting to know your work environment.

Understanding your needs is something our human resources experts value deeply. It is a crucial step that allows us to define your needs in greater depth. By visiting your workplace, we become more familiar with your work environment, which allows us to better understand your corporate culture. We believe a good match is achieved by the right combination of technical skills and work environment.

Step 2: Identifying the pool of job seekers.

Once we have fully grasped your needs, we begin identifying the pool of job seekers using different strategies to form the first batch of qualified and skilled candidates. Headhunting is one of our preferred strategies to find the best active candidates on the market.

Steps 3 and 4: Assessment and selection of the candidates.

We do a comprehensive and thorough assessment of each application. With our rigorous selection criteria, we can choose the best profiles with our client’s collaboration.

After a reference check verification process, we give our client a detailed report on each potential candidate selected.

Step 5: Integration and follow up with the client and the newly hired candidate.

To make sure we provide a unique client experience from start to finish, we do regular follow-ups with the client and the candidate during the first months following the candidate’s employment.