Solution d'embauche au Québec

Any hiring process can be expensive and long for your organization, and considering that time is money; we encourage you to trust our team of consultants to help meet your employee needs.

Unforeseen contingencies, parental leave, disease, the need to strengthen a team in position temporarily: our flexibility allows us to offer you a service that will meet all your requirements.

By using state-of-the-art tools and our province-wide network of contacts, we can offer recruitment services that meet the highest industry standards.

Why Choose Adex Personnel?

What differentiates us from other employment agencies is the impeccable quality of our services and our wide range of competitive assets:

  • Tailor-made hiring solutions: Implementation of a proven and personalized recruitment method that will reduce your costs and guarantee you a long-term placement.
  • Qualified and skilled employees: Adex Personnel will help you attract more quality candidates through our rigorous selection techniques and evaluation methods.
  • Personalized service: Our qualified experts in Human Resources will offer you a service tailored to your needs and requirements. Our expertise in Human Resources and our unparalleled customer approach is the key to our success.
  • Significant results: The Adex Personnel team is committed to delivering results quickly so that you can be assured knowing you have a profitable and efficient solution that will generate higher productivity and guaranteed profitability.
  • A professional and interactive customer approach: You will be delighted to deal with a dynamic, professional and caring team throughout the process.
  • Transparency and privacy protection is our mark of confidence: At Adex, we aim to build a relationship of trust based on excellence and respect for our customers. Thanks to the confidence our customers showed us, we became a point of reference in staff.